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Label Application Terminology

Adjacent Panel:
Adjacent Panel method allows you to label the leading panel and a side panel or either panel singularly. The Label Mill Adjacent Panel module allows this functionality through a single moving pivot creating a multiple panel-finished result with one moving part. This method allows you to label cartons on two panels at rates up to 12 cartons per minute. Single panel applications will see higher carton rates due to the reduced cycle time.
Blow application is primarily used for two reasons, speed and irregular surfaces. The Blow method is incredibly fast capable of producing speeds up to 600 pieces per minute. The blow while fast is not quite as accurate since the label is moved through the atmosphere without any assistance. The second reason for a blow is irregular surfaces such as breads, bagged product or other constantly changing surfaces. The Blow method works very well in applications where placement accuracy is slightly more forgiving.
A modified flag methodology to is typically more forgiving and allows the user to flag items that are more flexible or more fragile. The clamshell flag method does not directly contact the part being labeled. This module swings the tails of the label around the part allowing them to contact each other forming the flag. The full flag is formed when the user removes the part from the labeling station.
Corner Wrap:
Corner Wrap method allows you to label two adjacent panels with a single label and one motion with the Label Mill corner wrap module. This method allows you to label up to 15 cartons per minute when labeling the leading panel and a side. This method utilizes a single arm that moves out to hit the leading panel in the direction of travel and then uses the carton to push the arm back to label the side panel in one smooth motion.
Flag labels are just how they sound. The flag module allows you to place a label around an object such that the label tails attach to each other forming the appearance of a flag. This method is perfect for labeling small objects that require more label than the item will hold. Frequent applications include rod, tubing, small parts such as hooks, plumbing parts, fittings and large bolts. Other applications can include syringes, poly tubing and web tabbing applications. This methodology does require evaluation of the part to be labeled because the part is contacted by the labeling head to apply the label. This typically requires that the part have some rigidity.
Round product application is perfect for all your cylindrical products. This module allows the user to insert a wide variety or round (cylindrical) products ranging from 0.25” in diameter up to over 6” in diameter to wrap labels around the object. The wrap amount is directly related to the length of the label. If you need a 25% wrap or a 100% wrap this module will automatically perform this wrap based on the length of your label. Ideal items or applications are chap stick type tubes, syringes, water bottles or any other cylindrical (not tapered) container.
Auto Round:
The auto round module works just like the round module with one key exception. The auto round will feed parts into the machine, position them, and apply the label as long as parts are in the unit. This method allows the unit to run and apply labels without the operator present.
Tamp application is ideal for labeling flat to slightly curved surfaces where high accuracy is needed. When using the tamp method the labeling system feeds the label onto a tamp pad that holds the label in place with vacuum. The pad is then moved on a linear slide and brings the label to the part or item being labeled. This method can produce high accuracy at label application rates up to 150 pieces per minute.
Wipe-on method is great for a wide variety of applications ranging from cartons to lumber to automotive parts to food products. The wipe-on method is simple and cost effective. The labeling system literally feeds a label out at the same rate as the product moves. A brush or a roller helps the label adhere to the target surface. The simply designs is easy to operate, incredibly reliable and very cost effective.

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