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Small Character Continuous Ink-Jet (CIJ) Systems

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Leibinger Ink-Jet Technology

Leibinger CIJ - Jet3 up | Jet2 Neo

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Leibinger Industrial inkjet printers are known to be the highest quality printers currently in the marketplace. The range of application reaches from printing best before dates on packaging and marking black cables with white contrast inks. By the use of solvent based inks, the print is smudge-proof after one second on glass, plastic or metal. The air tight nozzle seal guarantees the immediate start without cleaning procedures.
Jet 3 Jet2 Neo

Zanasi Ink-Jet Technology

Zanasi CIJ - Z3000 | Z4700 | Z5000 | 5000 ITS/PI

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Zanasi Industrial inkjet printers have a compact design, and operate without the need for compressed air. Our customers constantly tell us the Zanasi offers the easiest CIJ user interface they've ever used. Offering the most bang for your buck Zanasi systems are used in applications such as: primary packaging, micro printing, random coding, anti counterfeit and printing on eggs.
Z3000 Z4700 Z5000

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