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XAAR Piezoelectric High Resolution Ink-Jet Systems

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Xaar XJ 128 Printhead

Xaar XJ 128/200 Printhead Technology

High Resolution 128 Nozzle Printhead


The XJ128/200 Plus is a significant enhancement to the celebrated XJ128 range of printheads. Building on the features that made the XJ128 successful and offering a significantly increased performance, the XJ128/200 Plus ensures that the XJ128 remains the premier choice for those who want to use a simple, reliable and proven inkjet solution. With 128 nozzles contained in a 15.5g body, the XJ128/200 Plus is ideal for all applications where scanning capability or large arrays of printheads are needed. Its compact footprint, with easy to use features for mounting and installing, makes it the obvious choice when designing a machine.

Specification Data
Printing Speed: 695 mm/sec (137 ft/min)
Nozzles: 128
Pixel Re sol tu ion: 200 x 200 DPI
Print Width: 16.5 mm
Dimensions: 37.2 x 40.8 x 11.3 mm
Max Fire Frequency: 5.5 kHz

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XAAR XJ 500 Printhead

XJ 500/180 CM Printhead Technology

Ultra High Resolution 500 Nozzle Printhead


Offering an 80% increase in throughput speed over the standard XJ500/180 and maintaining the 70mm, 500 nozzle print swathe and the same control electronics,the XJ500/180 CM provides backwards compatibility for existing applications as well as opening up new exciting opportunities. With a large print swathe and an industrial level firing frequency,the XJ500/180 CM is capable of delivering 1 m/s linear print speed at 180 x 180dpi configuration print resolution. Harnessing Xaar’s patented drop-on-demand technology the XJ500/180 CM makes producing quality images from inkjet a fast and efficient reality.

Specification Data
Printing Speed: 1000 mm/sec (197 ft/min)
Nozzles / Addressable Channels: 500
Pixel Resolution: 180 x 180 DPI
Print Width: 70 mm
Dimensions: 110 x 94 x 39.7 mm
Max Fire Frequency: 7.7 kHz

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HSA - XAAR Piezo Systems

HSA - XAAR Turnkey Print Solutions

Fully Integrated XAAR Technology Controlled by HSA Print Controllers


Our Xaar Piezo Inkjet systems are used in numerous industrial applications. This drop-on-demand technology offers a wide range of print heights and configurations, which eliminates the need for additional labelling or pre-printed stock. It features the lowest cost per print, very simple setup and alignment, and non-contact coding, combined with flexible and modular constructions. The Piezo printers are widely used in the packaging industry, but are also a good choice for other industries, such as mailing. The following HSA controllers can be used with the XAAR technology: CU (Controller Unit); CB (Controller Board); TIPC Controllers.

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