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Zanasi Z5000 Models

Z5000 - Z5000 ITS & PI

High Resolution IP 65 CIJ Printer!


The Z5000 offers excellent printing quality with 32 vertical dots and fonts that allow for up to 5 lines of continuous printing. Including the latest technology in ink management, Zanasi CIJ printers use far less solvent / make-up than other machines on the market. Additionally all Zanasi's feature a quick start-up and shut down technology to minimize line downtime.  The Z5000 system is IP 65 wash down rated and comes in two additional models: the PI (pigmented) and ITS (innovative traversing system).  The ITS system is a fully integrated X-Y traversing system that is integrated with the print controller. 

Specification Data
Printing Speed: Up to 300 M/Min (985 ft/min)
Drop Amount: 32 Drops (5 Lines of Print)
Ink Colors: Black, Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Green
Z5000 IP Rating: IP 65
Z5000 PI Brochure Z5000 PI Pigmented Only - IP 65
Z5000 ITS Brochure Z5000 ITS Innovative Traversing System (Auto X-Y)

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